It has become abundantly clear that incorporating Ecological concepts into Landscape Design can significantly help the biodiversity of an area. This makes an area better for biodiversity and studies suggest this in turn improves the mental health of people who benefit from being close to the natural world.

Using the services of a Consultancy which offers, Landscape Design, Ecology and Arboriculture ensures a seamless process and avoids potential conflicts between Landscape Architects, Ecologist and Arborists who might all have their own opinion in their sphere of expertise.

An example of understanding the impact of selecting the right plant in the right place, can be illustrated by comparing the biodiversity benefit of planting a non-native himalayan birch or a native silver or downy birch – approximately 290 species of insect are associated with the native birches, whilst few if any insects are associated with the himalayan birch. Albeit the himalayan birch has a slightly more upright shape and whiter bark.

Please contact us with your landscaping requirements and let us discuss how we can create a landscape design for your project, which satifies the local planning authority and benefits the local biodiversity.

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