Appropriate Assessment (AA) and Habitat Regs Assessment (HRA)

AA / HRA are normally requested because the LPA / Natural England consider the development proposals may impact / damage a European Protected Site: SAC / SPA / RAMSAR.

The implication of development within a zone assessed a ‘zone of influence’ is that contributions will be sought from the developer / landowner to ‘mitigate’ the percieved impact of introducing more people / vehicles / boats / cats / dogs into ecologically sensitive areas.

You will be expcted to provide the LPA with sufficient data for them to conduct an approriate assessment of the potential impacts – This is normally presented as a ‘shadow’ HRA.

Selecting a Consultant with experience of HRA / AA is important and can be critical for your development.

If you have been asked to undertake one of these ‘shadow’ surveys, please discuss this with us.

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