Reptile Surveys

England has three native snake species: Adder, Grass Snake and Smooth Snake, and three native lizard species: Slow worms, Common Lizard and Sand Lizard.

In addition, at least two further species of non-native lizards are now present in some locations: Wall Lizard and Green Lizard.

Whilst native reptiles are ‘protected species’ with smooth snakes and sand lizards fully protected by European Legislation and the remaining species protected under British legislation, the non-natives are not protected. Indeed, should one of them be captured during a translocation, it would be illegal to release them back into the wild… 

In general terms, reptile surveys ‘normally’ take place from April to September inclusive. In some areas July and August are sub-optimal although to some extent this is weather dependant.

The need for a reptile survey is normally flagged following a habitat survey, but can result from ‘neighbours’ concerned about your development.

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