Ecological Surveys Ltd

The conduit between biodiversity and development

We pride ourselves on being able to undertake very large projects, yet remain focused enough to care about each and every one of our clients. 

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of Ecological and Arboricultural services across the south and southwest of the country. On occasion we will also travel north of the M4 corridor. An indicative map of our surveys during 2018 can be seen below. Please note that this in indicative only as we completed over 300 surveys during 2018 and over 500 during 2021, so some areas would be totally covered in marker pins!

We have completed ecological and tree survey works on sites in Bristol +300 units, North Somerset +400, Devon +170 units, Dorset +80 units, Isle of Wight + 120 units, Wiltshire +35 Units and numerous smaller sites throughout the South and Southwest. We have also completed works on a Golf Course nr Wigan and a 14 hectare industrial site in Devon.

Ecology should not be perceived as a problem, true it can sometimes present challenges, but if the ecological and arboricultural surveys are instructed early in the planning process, rather than shoehorned in at the last moment, it is usually possible to ensure potential issues can be avoided or mitigated.

Please feel free to call and discuss any project that requires Ecological and / or Arboricultural input.